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The Logistics Experts:

NetWare Technologies provides an Information Logistics and Supply Chain innovation that holds a standard in the industry;

  • Utilizing our groundbreaking mobile status technology that operates on any Android mobile smart device, coupled with the most innovative dispatching methods ever designed for your trucking and load-based logistics needs.
  • Deployed in a SAAS model, Netware Technologies is the partner you have been looking for to automate your Company Owned, Owner Operator, and Broker loads for J.I.T.(Just In Time) delivery.

We provide and host your services where needed;

  • Mobile app information systems
  • PC/Desktop/Web development for a streamlined approach
  • Database and Server environments
  • Thick and Thin deployment

We specialize in workforce analytics to answer your productivity needs;

  • Automation
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Portability

We are your information logistics specialist with the solution being in the palm of your hand

We develop and maintain a 3-Tier information system (Client, Middleware, Server Oriented Architecture) to support your company’s information needs; We construct your business information system

  • We produce Database integration to current information data systems
  • We retrieve information from your current system
  • We deploy information to the field
  • We retrieve information from the field
  • We process the information
  • We update the information in your current system
  • We provide remote management of your enterprise data and storage
  • We localize and remotely develop software services
  • We follow the full information logistics life cycle

GPS Track, Dispatch, & Manage Your Fleet With Smooth Dispatch!

A product by NetWare Technologies

Netware Technologies has innovated a product using our mobile technology integrated cloud-based Dispatching and Transportation Management System that is not only deployable on any GPS-enabled smart device, but the level of status updates and accuracy that we have achieved is par excellence!

  • Automate your orders and fleet!
  • Track your drivers!
  • Drivers can view their deliveries!
  • Communicate using messaging!
  • Display reports!

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GPS track your Fleet, Employees, and Contractors in Live Time and keep in touch with our Messaging services + Historical Data + Work Order Management using our TMS or import from your own TMS with some customization.
Smooth Dispatch is an integrated GPS tracking, dispatching, and Transportation Management System.
Using our technology, we provide you with simple yet powerful mobile and web interfaces.
Display and manage dispatch information that can be used by drivers, dispatchers, customers, vendors and more.
It is an all inclusive dispatching system and driver based mobile solution.
Create and update your deliveries using our web portal!
Dispatch and GPS track your fleet!


  • Web Based Dispatching system
  • Smooth Dispatch live GPS mapping
  • Smooth Dispatch‘ mobile app technology
  • LIVE down to the second! REAL real-time GPS tracking for driver, truck, and order
  • Superior and optimized time and mileage for driver, truck, and order
  • Back-end order fulfillment and imaging services for Proof Of Delivery for your billing processes to provide same-day billing
  • Historic mapping and reporting for your driver pay based on driver, truck, and order
  • Automatically status your drivers, trucks, orders, trailers, and brokers
  • Dispatch office, Brokers, and Customers are able to view their respective orders and the 360 relationship to them
  • Orders are completed using phones or tablets by drivers
  • Trips are set in our TMS portal when the driver starts the delivery
  • Trips are set in our TMS portal when the driver completes the order
  • Automated Check calls are sent to our TMS every 9 seconds while in route
  • Records On-duty and Off-duty for deliveries
  • Drivers report the tonnage and ticket information
  • Proof of delivery is sent in image capture and/or signature capture format
  • Diversion & Detention papers are recorded and sent to dispatch office
  • Tonnage and ticket information is uploaded to dispatching
  • Order status is set to complete
  • POD is sent to dispatch office
  • Processes the Orders for same day billing
  • Company borrowing capacity is increased because of this
  • Assets location is captured and stored for historical records
  • Driver/Truck/Order miles and hours are recorded
  • Dispatch and Driver Messaging capabilities
  • No commitment necessary!