We provide IP holding for software companies with interest in varying industries.
In the technology-driven environment, intellectual property represents a very significant proportion of the wealth and assets of most businesses. “IP” is often the “crown jewel” asset of a company, both as an unrealized asset and as a realized one, more importantly, in terms of the revenue that IP could generate if properly and fully used over time. As companies try to harness innovation and technological advances and create product and service differentiation, these assets are playing a greater role in corporate investment decisions. Business houses are employing various means to secure , exploit and consolidate their IP , the latest being to house them in IP holding companies like us.

There are a number of advantages in separating your IP from your holding company and operating company. These include:

  • Protecting valuable assets from insolvency: Intellectual property is a valuable asset for all companies. Placing your business’ IP in a non-trading holding company limits liability by protecting it from third parties, employees, clients, creditors, and suppliers.
  • IP held separately from other assets can more easily be used as security or sold.
  • Centralizing your business’ IP assists with administrative efficiency.
  • Minimizing tax by delegating IP license revenue between the company group.
  • Attracting investment through a sophisticated structure.

If your company needs protection for your IP assets, contact us and we will set up a time to discuss the logistics.