What we provide

We are a service provider business that has technology platforms either through acquisition or in-house development.  We also provide services needed for a Website or Webpage or Mobile Applications to be used on the Internet. Websites and mobile platforms are hosted, or stored, on our unique server environment.

We house the Servers for Web and Software Development for special needs such as Data-Base driven applications and Web Sites.  We utilize 3-Tier Information Systems for clients in a Server Oriented Architecture.  We utilize 3-Tier information systems for Clients and Middleware in a Server Oriented Architecture.

At NetWare Technologies, we also work with global leaders in the manufacturing of products in the semiconductor industry
and leaders in the transportation industry by means of Software development.

The semiconductor industry is the foundation upon which virtually all of the world’s integrated circuits are built such as computers, smart phones, TVs, gaming devices, music players, appliances, automobiles and many industrial and space applications of the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific.

The global leaders in semiconductor technology provide innovative, advanced technology solutions to leading chip manufacturers focused on transforming the foundation of a connected world. We have software and reporting engineers for facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, we focus on innovation throughout our business customers in the semiconductor industry.

Our Previous and Current Customers

Global Wafers Sunedison SemiconductorLockheed MartinAir Force
Defense Logistics AgencyDepartment of Management Services
Department Of Justice

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